Emma Rose Charters

The Emma Rose is a Reliable Boat!

The Emma Rose 2 is a Reliable Boat!


Grand Prize Winner of the 2014 "Far Out Shoot Out" Ocean isle Beach NC 

Emma Rose 1 is now chartering between Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Call Cap'n Matt Blodgett @ (305) 458-1333 https://thecharteragency.com/miami-fishing-charters



Rodman is a company located In Spain that builds boats for the Spanish Navy. Their ships are considered the finest in the world. This model was manufactured to take the seas rounding the tip of South Africa that are some of the roughest on the planet.

She is a “Walk Around” boat, which means you can literally walk all the way around the boat in complete safety. Fewer tangled lines mean more fish!

She is outfitted with all the equipment and licenses needed to fish. All you need bring is your food and beverage  If you do have a special rod you want to bring aboard, you are welcome to do so. She has a complete head, shower, and kitchen and includes sleeping accommodations for four. Her inside cabin is luxurious and fitting for fishing.

Her top speed is close to 40 miles per hour (35 knots). Her normal (most efficient) cruising speed is around 26.5 MPH (22 knots) that means you can get to the Gulf Stream comfortably in about 3 hours. She will reach the most teeming fishing spots in much less than an hour. That also means that if a storm comes up we can get you home quickly and safely

She is kept spick-­‘n-span because I want your party to have a comfortable, safe and wonderful experience!


A View From the Top:

Trolling is the preferred method for catching the biggest game fish in our waters. Catches while trolling often result in the largest species of big game fish, using big rods, big bait and plenty of patience. The Emma Rose is outfitted with state of the art redundant electronics, fishing equipment, lures and tackle to maximize fishing opportunities. While catches can be significant, this is usually a quality and not a quantity experience most often enjoyed by the more serious fisherman. Targeted species include Dolphin (Mahi mahi) King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo, Amberjack and False Albacore.


A View From the Bottom:

Bottom Fishing gives our fisherman the highest percentages for fish catching rod bending success. With over 50 reefs, wrecks and Captain Frank’s famous “Honey Holes” bottom fishing is a favorite for all fishermen; most especially where continuous action is important. When the water is right and the fish are ready, 100+ fish days are not uncommon. Remember, bottom fishing in Long Bay yields some of the most desired eating fish you can catch anywhere. Targeted species include Black Sea Bass, Flounder, Grouper, Snapper, Spotted Sea Trout.


A View:

Sightseeing and diving trips are available and lower rates apply. Check out this site: www.fryingpantower.com

For reservations or additional trip information, call Cap’n Frank @ (704) 929-0863.